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I have been a teacher and a tutor for over twenty five years. I am a very highly imaginative instructor with a passion to see my students excel to their highest potential. My areas of training are: K-12, college, vocational, and students with Varying Exceptionalities. Students enjoy the thought of giving input in their daily activities. My classes encourage better participation and longer attention span for most of my students. Having a PhD in Psychology and a Chaplaincy Licenses, helps me to better assists the students and to build a better relationship with them. “A mind is a terrible thing to waste” and so is talent unused.

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Janette’s subjects


I have worked with students from K-College who have ADD/ADHD and also with my own family children who are diagnosed with this disability. Also, I have received over 20 credits from my graduate courses in teaching students with disabilities including ADD/ADHD.


While I was a student, and as a past teacher, I have done much research on Autism. I found out that it is a lifelong complex disability that affects the way a person communicates and interacts to others around them. It usually appears during the first three years of life. Students with Autism, usually show difficulties in verbal and nonverbal communication, interacting verbally, and with social imagination. Different characteristics influence different children and vary from mild to severe. For example, some students with Autism have limited speech, but can communicate by using sign language. On the other hand, others have good language but find it hard to initiate or even hold a conversation.

I have worked with autistic students at Carl B. Hutcherson Early Learning Center in Lynchburg, VA from 09/2000-12/2002 and I have tutored autistic students at Miami Dade College, Miami from 1989-1993. While I was working with those autistic students in an inclusion setting, I found this disability to have its challenges.

As a teacher who had students with autism, I had to show patience as this was a huge key in helping the students to be successful. By setting a routine, I reduced distractions in the classroom and I implemented other simple teaching strategies such as: visual aids, comic strip conversations, social stories, social skills, circle of friends, etc., that allowed the autistic students to participate more, and learn more in my class. I asked simple questions to the autistic students instead of giving open ended questions. I also gave more wait time than usual for the students to answer a question and I was sure to use vocabulary that the autistic students understood. This means that I used simple words or defining words as I go. Also, I reworded questions instead of repeating the same question if the student did not understand or did not respond.

I happened to have two grandchildren that have been diagnosed with this disability and they will always be in my life. At present, I am also working with them on strategies that I have formulated for them. I am determined to stay current on this disability by taking classes and attending conferences. My reason is that I would like to be able to continue helping my grandchildren and others who have been diagnosed with this disability to have a real grip on life and to teach them that they can succeed regardless of their disability. Therefore, with this knowledge, and more to come, I believe that I am qualified to tutor students who are taking this course.

Bible Studies

The Bible is a sacred and complex book, full of history, poetry, proverbs, revelations of God and words of life and death. As an ordained and licensed pastor, I study the Bible myself and I found out that it is not intimidating as some people think. With the proper tools and the keen observational skills I posses, I know how to analyze and interpret the Bible and grasp its profound truths. Therefore, I am able to tutor students and others how to understand it as a consecrated book and not as a regular text book. Also, I am qualified to tutor Bible Studies because, I graduated from Bible Seminary and Universities such as:
Liberty University- Theology Degree
Amherst Theological Seminary- Doctorate Degrees in Religious Education, Biblical Studies, and Ministry.
Dayspring Christian University- PhD Psychology
Florida Theological Chaplaincy Academy-License
National Chaplain's Association- Chaplain's Pass
Ordained and Licensed Pastor from Rehoboth Deliverance Nationwide Ministries


I have worked with students with dyslexia at Carl B. Hutcherson Early Learning Center in Lynchburg, VA from 2000-2002, and I have tutored students with dyslexia at Miami Dade College from 1989-1993. As an effective teacher, I recognized the characteristics, difficulties, and strengths of the students with dyslexia. Challenged, yet equipped with knowledge and compassion, I utilized a variety of teaching strategies to provide opportunities for the students with dyslexia to succeed.

Elementary (K-6th)

I have a letter of eligibility to teach K-6 in the states of Florida and Virginia. I also have my graduate Degree in Elementary Education.


How does one think English can improve his or her life? English is extremely important because it is a universal language. Moreover, it is the language used in any technology brochure or invention. Learning English offers people some benefits such as: better jobs, communication skills, and to be more confident.

First of all, English allows a person the opportunity to acquire better jobs. For example, many large companies require people with English skills to perform their jobs. In addition, it helps a person to gain an advanced position at his or her place of employment. Moreover, a person can travel anywhere and locate a job where English is spoken or required. In fact, English is the key to communicate wherever English is spoken as the central language.

Secondly, English allows people to communicate with others around the world. For example, in today’s society, people are using English through networks such as Facebook, My Space, Twitter, and many other networks to find family and friends. Furthermore, huge organizations like UN and UNICEF use English to communicate. As a result, most country provides English as a Foreign Language at schools due to its significance. Hence, it is important to learn English to become more confident in this subject matter.

English is necessary to develop a person’s confidence. For instance, if a person visits the airport, government office, hospital, or any other important places, and is able to receive a good job and can communicate well, then, he or she will become more comfortable and will feel more confident of him or herself. Besides, being confidence of one’s self, means that a person has the opportunity to express his or her ideas and opinions.

In conclusion, English is the most used and practical language in the world. It is an international language. English will improve people’s life in many areas. For all these reasons, English has the power to make people find a superior job, communicate better and become more confident in his or her self. Therefore, as a past professor of English at one of the most prestigious College and having all this knowledge about English, I know that I am qualified to tutor this subject.


It seems that good grammar is a thing of the past. The attitude of many individuals seems to be “Why do I need good grammar? I just want to be able to express myself.” Freedom of expression is important, but not at the expense of solid grammar. Now, let us take a look at why good grammar is important.

Ask any employer what characteristics they seek in job applicants and they will most likely say, “attention to details.” Using poor grammar shows a lack of attention to details, and those people simply do not get hired or promoted. If a resume or cover letter has been written with poor grammar, they will be shuffled quickly to the bottom of the stack.

A good high school or college English teacher will tell a student the truth: “Writing with poor grammar makes one seem unintelligent!” This might be harsh, but it is the truth. Imagine sending an email message full of grammar errors to someone you are hoping to win as a customer. He or she would automatically feel uneasy about doing business with you because of the “apparent” ineptitude. Poor grammar leads people to assume that you may be lacking other skills and abilities.

Many businesses have been the subject of derision because of a poorly written sentence or misspelled words on a billboard. Here’s a test, the next time you see a misspelled word on a billboard or sign, take note of your thoughts toward the business. Chances are they are not all that admiring.

It is very difficult to respect a person as a professional if he or she has poor grammar. Poor grammar reeks as lack of education, lack of intellect and carelessness. Does that sound like a person who is destined for greatness?

Part of being successful is regarding oneself and commanding respect of others. Most correspondence is done using the written word in college and the workforce.

A person who uses razor-sharp grammar stands out. Since so many people have poor grammar skills, it is easy to manipulate it to your advantage and increase your integrity. Let me say that you were emailing a person about being an expert at building houses, but your message was full of grammar mistakes. Would the readers make the assumption that you are ignorant? The chances are they would, although you may be a highly intelligent expert on the subject matter of building homes.

In this day of information overload, people do not want to spend time reading jumbled, hard to understand messages rife with grammar errors. Chances are your message will be skipped over and discarded. A message that is crafted with excellent grammar and variability is clear, concise and will not be useless. Thus, with all this knowledge and as an educator in grammar, I know that I am qualified to tutor grammar.

As a college student, your goal is undoubtedly to get a great job. A resume with grammar errors is the first to get put in the trash. If you want to be employable, then, you need to make sure your grammar is spot on. That does not mean you have to be perfect all the time. Even the best person makes mistakes.

Special Needs

Inclusive education was introduced to me almost seventeen years ago. After graduating from university as an elementary teacher, I began working for an elementary school here in Miami that embraces the inclusion of special needs children in the regular classroom. Their needs have ranged from moderate to severe. I have taught students with varying exceptionalities such as: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Asperger’s Syndrome, hearing impairments, developmental delays, Cerebral Palsy, and others. My classrooms have also included gifted children. I have also worked at Carl B. Hutcherson Early Learning Center from 2000-02 and Miami Dade College from 1989-1993. These schools also embraced the inclusion of special needs children in the regular classroom.

Study Skills

Study Skills are distinctive techniques that can be learned, usually in a short time, and applied to all or most fields of study. They must therefore be eminent from strategies that are specific to a particular field of study e.g. Math or Writing, and from abilities natural in the student, such as aspects of intellect or learning technique.I have completed several courses in the undergraduate and graduate study skills at the college and universities I attended and also as a teacher, I have taught study skills at the college level. Therefore, I am qualified to tutor study skills to students.


Vocabulary is the collection of words that a person uses on a daily basis. A huge vocabulary is important in understanding oral and written communication. Vocabulary is essential to communicating with others and understanding what one is reading.
Ani DeFranco, the songwriter, once screamed in one of her songs, “You are like one of those zombies in Vegas pouring quarters into a slot machine.” Although Ani is an irate musician, there is some truth within her lyrics. The lyric of this song reminds me of the youths in society of the generation X and Y today. We live in a world where mass media manipulates our youth minds. Adults are guilty of turning to MTV for news, Ricki Lake for advice and reading Cosmo instead of challenging our youths with using an extensive vocabulary.
When I was a child, I had a delayed speech. However, my parents, grandparents, family and friends did everything they could to help me broaden my vocabulary. In today’s world, the television has sucked in most of our youths and their vocabulary. Writing and communication skills have become limited. Parents, grandparents, family and friends do not spend time anymore to help our youth to build their vocabulary. Scott Leigh wrote in his essay, It’s Like, EXTREME But Not GROSS, “The television erodes vocabulary not only through its own least-common-denominator language, but by supplanting that greater builder of vocabulary and knowledge-reading.”
We cannot continue to allow the television to wear down our vocabulary. I have taught vocabulary at Miami Dade College in the past and want to continue helping our youth and others to build their vocabulary. Therefore, I know that I am qualified to tutor this subject and would like to continue to raise the bar of vocabulary building.


As a child, I realized that I have always loved to write. I remembered how I rushed to my writing class in third grade and how I loved writing stories. I savored how words flowed naturally from my pencil to disentangle a tale no one has ever heard before. At first, I wrote only stories. Some were short stories; however, many were the first pages of novels I dreamed would once be sold on store shelves around the world. This is the first step in being able to write successfully.
Lately, I was reading some of my past stories and I realized many of them were actually very good. However, it was not until college that I discovered my love of writing. I was in a beginners writing class and I wrote a descriptive story. My teacher took me to the Dean of students and told her that I was placed in the wrong writing class. The Dean of students removed me from that class immediately and placed me in the correct writing class. Also, when I graduated from university, that same teacher gave me her Writing 1100 class to teach at the college.
I love writing for many reasons. I love the way my pen hits the paper. I love how I can express myself and my beliefs without actually saying them outright. I love describing characters and settings, forming them into something one can see and feel. I love developing these characters into real people with feelings and emotions. I love creating a world that a person can visualize, that he or she can breathe in, and that one can live through words. I love the way the words come together when I write, how they can flow smoothly. I love my many failures because without them, I would never have advanced further as a writer and some of these failures still contain an amazing sentence or phrase that I’m able to incorporate in other work I have completed. I love how writing forces me to focus everything I have on it, giving me a diversion, along with something I can do to just escape real life for a brief moment and express myself. Writing is my passion and that is why I wrote a book and it is copy written by the Library of Congress and I am now seeking a publisher.
Poetry is also one of my passions of writing. I came to understand the joys of poetry when I was in sixth grade. In Honor’s Writing class, it was required to create a poetry collection filled with original poems. Despite my feelings of insecurity, I found out that I actually enjoyed writing these poems. Poetry allows me to express my beliefs in a short collection of words. Most of all, these words can be literally anything and still be poetry. They can rhyme, or not, follow a structure, be a free verse, be funny, serious, sad, uplifting, about life, about death, or even about something simple like animals. Moreover, they’re easy to write!
Some people have a gift of writing and creating masterpieces while twisting and shaping words with an unnatural ease, but others find writing a very difficult task. Therefore, with the knowledge I have gained in my writing classes and the fact that I have taught Writing 1100 at the college level, I believe that I am qualified to tutor writing to those students who find it to be a complex task.

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Miami Dade College, Wolfson Campus (AA, AS)

Nova Sourheastern University (Master's)

Dayspring Christian University (PhD)

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