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Yems H.

Math & Science Teacher

Hollywood, FL (33027)

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Thank you for taking the time to look at my profile.

My Name is Alessandro.

I first started teaching back in 1990 at MDCC Medical Campus (Miami, Fl.) as a teacher assistant. My college background is PRE-MED. Suffice to say that I went all the way in school, as far as taking all my courses and took the MCAT, which I scored high. However, I decided to pursue an educational career and help others.

I now specialize in teaching math & science. I consider myself an expert and an authority in this field. I also test prep students for the FCAT, SAT, ACT, GED, CPT, GRE, GMAT, MCAT, PCAT, TABE, ASVAB, ESL, TOEFL, etc. I have 24 years teaching experience. I have taught students, of all ages, from all walks of life, from K through 12, high school, college and university, and returning students.

I have also taught students from Miami Dade College, Florida International University, University of Miami, Barry University, St. Thomas University, Broward Community College, Palm Beach College, Ultimate Tutors Inc., Dial A Tutor Inc. and now for In 2011, I was's #1 teacher in the South Florida area. In 2013, I was ranked #3.

I will sit down with you and explain in a simple, easy to follow teaching method. I will explain every problem in detail, step by step. Then, I will ask you to demonstrate what you have learned by solving problems in front of me. This will assure me that you have learned the material presented to you. I will give you the tools you need and prepare you to take and pass your exams. I'm patient, student friendly, affordable and most important, experienced. Parents are always welcomed to attend their child's tutoring session and even encouraged to actively participate in their child's learning process.

Don't wait until the last minute to get help from a professional. Don't get a bad grade. Don't fail your class. I will help you pass. I will help you get into your program. Make the move. Get the advantage. Contact me now and start getting better grades! I guarantee it!

I cover the entire South Florida area, from Florida City to Palm Beach, so distance is not a problem.

You can make an appointment:
at your home (in-home tutoring)
at your workplace
at your school
at your local public library
in a public setting (Starbucks, Paneras, Etc...)

Follow my simple (4) rules:

a. to cancel an appointment, call or text (12) hours ahead of time.

b. be on time to your appointments. I will wait 30 minutes for your arrival. Do not miss your appointments.

c. if I miss an appointment, I will give you a 2 hr session FREE of charge.

d. if I cannot assist you as advertised, you will not be charged at all, no questions asked!

Remember appointments are 2 hours long.

Business Hours:
7 days a week from 8am to 8p. (except on legal holidays).

to get started, submit billing information to By submitting your payment information to, you will be able to speak to me on the phone and ask me questions before hiring me. You will be charged only after services have been rendered by the teacher.

If I cannot help you, you WILL NOT be charged at all, no questions asked!!

I hope to hear from you soon so you can be on your way to getting better grades in school.

Thank you for reading my post and the best of luck to you in all your academic endeavors.

If you have committed to another teacher, EXCELLENT! Here at, we have top-of-the-line instructors. If you want a second opinion, please keep my information handy and I will be more than happy to assist you in any way I can.


Yems H.

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Yems’s subjects

American History
Elementary Education:
Test Preparation:
Corporate Training:

ACT Math

I will sit down with you and explain in a simple, yet very effective manner, the topics and techniques you need to learn in order to pass this test.

The basic concepts of Algebra and Geometry will be covered, leading to word problems. If you follow the plan, you will be able to score high and pass this portion of the test.

ACT Science

The fundamental and most important concepts of biology, physics, and chemistry will be covered.

Application of these concepts will be explained using real-life examples, so that the student will be able to grasp the material in a much faster way.

From simplicity to complexity, I will present the information in a way that can be understood and learned quickly.

Algebra 1

The following topics will be covered:solving for x, basic geometrical shapes, pythagorean theorem, word problems, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, decimals, and fractions.

I will present techniques that will have you solving problems in no time!

Math made fun and simple. Follow the plan and you will be on your way to solving all types of problems.

Algebra 2

The more tough problems of algebra will be addressed, with emphasis on word problems.

Critical thinking is of essence here, and I will show you how to use this technique to solve the harder problems.

I will also show you how you can use these math concepts in real-world situations, like supermarkets, restaurants, the mall, stores, that you will not be taken advantage of.


All the major body systems will be covered, with emphasis on easy ways to remember the different terminology presented in this class.

Also, a bridge will be made between each system, so that you will see the "bigger picture" and not get fixated on a particular area.

An introduction to medical concepts will also be discussed, so you can see the advantages of knowing how anatomy can help you in pre-med.


I will get you ready to take this exam. The basic concepts of mathematics will be addressed here.

By following my techniques, you will have enough time to answer correctly any questions within the allotted time and be on your way to serve our great nation in the military.

I'm a former marine, with four tours of duty under my belt (2003-06), so I will guide you through this phase. I can also get you mentally and physically in shape for the rough boot camp that you will have to endure.


The more complex pathways will be covered: Glycolysis, Krebs Cycle, Electron Transport System, How ATP is formed, Pentose Pathway, Carbohydrates, Glucose, Gluconeogenesis, Proteins, Amino Acids, Lipids, and Triglycerides.

All the major pathways will be addressed here, with emphasis on how they affect our everyday lives.


The fundamental concepts to be addressed: cell theory, tissues, organs, systems, anatomy and physiology, cell division, the central dogma (DNA and RNA), carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids.

All the major concepts of this great course will be addressed with emphasis on how different systems work in tandem for the organism's survival, plus a lot more.


The 3 basic fundamentals of calculus, known as the "big three" are: limits, derivatives, and integration (the anti-derivative).

Most of what is known as Calculus comes from the ideas of the big three. I will teach you all the basic concepts, formulas, and techniques so you can solve more complex problems.

You will then be able to use the ideas learned to solve any type of Calculus problem, with emphasis on showing your work, step by step.


From the introduction to chemistry, to the concepts of GENERAL CHEMITSRY 1 and 2 will be covered:

Lewis Structures
Functional Groups
Work, Energy, Heat, Enthalpy, Entropy
Chemical Kinetics

Plus alot more!

Elementary (K-6th)

I have taught elementary math and science since 1990. My youngest client was 5 years old. I have taught elementary students in private practice, usually in a public setting but also in Florida virtual school online, to which I have a 95% success rate.

Parents: you are most welcomed to attend, stay and actively participate in your child's tutoring session. This is highly encouraged.

Elementary Math

From the basic, fundamental concepts of math to the more complex topics, rest assure that if you make an appointment with me, your child will learn these techniques.

Your child will then have the ability to answer all types of math problems at a fast pace and will be able to pass any exam given to him or her.

If you follow my plan and advise, I guarantee this!

Remember parents: you are most welcomed to actively participate in your child's learning process. You can sit in the tutorial sessions and be involved in the learning process. This is highly encouraged.

Elementary Science

The basic concepts of BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY, and PHYSICS will be addressed.

I will introduce FUN SCIENCE, which involves real-life situations where your child can learn concepts and apply them in school and in his/her life.

Parents: you are encouraged to stay and actively participate in your child's learning process. You are most welcomed to be a part in the learning process.


If you have a hard time mastering the ENGLISH language, I can help you.

I will break down the rules, from the basics of nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs and abverbs to the more complex critical writing and essay format.

I will sit down with you and teach you how to become a better writer, how to avoid making common grammar and punctuation errors and the analogy of the rules relative to your native language.


I can help you prepare to take and pass your high school diploma. This will allow you to get into college.

I will sit down with you and review the major concepys of MATH, READING and WRITING and ESSAYS so you may be able to score high come test day!


The basi laws of GREGOR MENDEL will be covered.

Also, how the central dogma works, from the making of DNA to the use of RNA to make proteins.


plus alot more...


The basic geomterical shapes will be discussed here:


The following will be addressed:

All equations and formulas will be given to you and explained in such a way that you will be able to use them to solve any geometrical problem.

Linear Algebra

A more advanced approach to math. I will prepare you to take this class and pass it by reviewing material you will need to know and master.

Do not worry. I am there with you every step of the way. Count on me to learn this material effectively. You will be answering math problems at lighting speed.


When I attended college, I wanted to be a psychologist. I soon found out that my real interest was the natural sciences with a strong math background.

Thus, I changed majors and started taking chemistry, from intro to chemistry, general chemistry, organic chemistry and biochemistry. I also took physics 1 and 2, biology, microbiology, molecular biology and, as I said, alot of math! From remedial math al the way to calculus 2.

I took my MCAT in 1996 and scored a 40, which is a very high score. I have taught the MCAT for various services, including KAPLAN, KOALA, ect, all with excellent results. Most of my students are now doctors in their respective fields and it rewarding to me that I had a part in their success.

I will sit down with you an execute a plan to review the major areas of the MCAT, what you need to know in order to pass this test. The techniques required to problem-solve fast.

A general review of the sciences will be given to you, with emphasis on the weak areas you may have.

Come test day, you will be prepared to take and pass this exam on your way to medical school!

Organic Chemistry

My major in college, at Florida International University, was pre-med. I am well versed in introduction to chemistry, general chemistry 1 and 2 and organic chemistry 1 and 2 and biochemistry 1 and 2. I received A's and B's on these classes to receive a cumulative GPA of 3.85 out of 4.0. I have been teaching organic chemistry since 1997.


The ideas of VELOCITY, DISTANCE, TIME ACCELERATION and the Displacement Equations will be covered.

There are 5 basic motions in physics:


All of these will be covered in depth. Also, the monumental equation of force equals mass times acceleration will be uncovered.


And the more complex subjects of metaphysics, from the ideas of EINSTEIN to those of NEWTON, BOHR and others.


A breakdown as to how systems work in unison to keep an organism alive. The dynamics of why systems do what they do.

I will have you thinking as a scientist, formulation hypothesis and then testing them on your way to a complete understanding of the human body and its many functions.


The basic steps you need to know in order to start Algebra. All the previous concepts will be reinforced here and a view of Algebra's main points will be addressed.

It is vital that you begin your math journey on a positive note so you may build your foundation based on the right steps.

It is here where I will help you achieve this. In school, math is inevitable. I will help you make into one of your strongest points!


The fundamentals of CALCULUS and ALGEBRA will be discussed. It is essential to have a good understanding of this level should you want to continue into Calculus. If not, you are in for a nightmare ride!

I will resolve these issues for you and prepare you so that you will tackle and answer correctly even the toughest of problems.

SAT Math

For those that plan to enter college, good SAT scores may be the difference of getting a scholarship.

I will help you to prepare and pass this test so you can not only succeed but carry this knowledge on your way to college.

Every aspect of this test will be addressed and discussed and I will prepare you thoroughly so you can score BIG TIME come test day!


I will introduce the Spanish language. In South Florida, it is an asset knowing Spanish, both for personal and professional reasons.

Spanish is a very basic language to learn, and I will even make it easier for you.

In a few weeks you will be speaking the native tongue of a large population in South Florida.


The fundamentals principles of statistics and probability include Histograms, Frequency Distribution, Normal Distribution and Table, Bell Shape Curve, Z Score, Binomail Distribution, Standard Playing, Deck of Cards, Coin Problems, plus a lot more!

I will teach you in an easy manner how to answer these problems very fast and at the same time understanding the concepts behind so you can apply them to your everyday life.


Writing essay skills, grammar and composition, spelling, and reading passages will be covered.

Plus the basic structure of the English language with its different set of rules. If you follow my plan and advise, you will become a better reader, a better writer, better as a whole in linguistics.


The most important trigonometric functions in math are


I will teach you the basic fundamentals of these very important functions. How to graph them. How to solve for theta.

The identities that you need to know so you can solve more complex problems.

I will also break down the right triangle, how to use SOHCAHTOAH properly and the importance of the common angles in the Cartesian coordinate system.

I will also teach you how to solve word problems using the ideas of trigonometry.

Read all subject qualifications ยป

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Miami Dade Community College, Miami, Fl. (Psychology)

Florida International University, Miami, FL (Master's)

University of Miami, Coral Gables, Fl. (Graduate Coursework)

Exceptional teacher — Returning to study after many years out of school, I needed help with my chemistry class. Yems not only is very knowledgeable in chemistry but has the gift of being able to teach. Many tutors are very knowledgeable but few have the ability of Yems to brake down concepts in a simple manner very easy to understand. My chemistry teacher makes the subject very complicated and difficult to understand. ...

— Shantih, North Miami Beach, FL on 10/15/13

Hourly fee

Standard Hourly Fee: $32.00

Cancellation: 12 hours notice required

Group rates will be billed at time and a half. That is for a 2-hour session, it will be logged as 3 hours. You may bring as many students as you wish.

Travel policy

Yems will travel within 40 miles of Hollywood, FL 33027.

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