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Total Tutoring: Your Academic Guide is a personal tutoring service provided by myself, James M. Lee, with a very pointed and directed, focus on the specific, personal, educational and academic needs of the individual.

"Total Tutoring" Strenghts and Goals:

1. Listen to the student's opportunity areas and mutually assess our start point. Validate the student's needs.
2. Make a plan for incorporating a specific study skills set that caters to the individual; Immediately begin its implementation.
3. Set Goals: Short term and long term
4. Strategy: Develop a study plan to encourage positive habits for achieving the short and long term goals of the student
5. Study Habits: Literally create and develop new study skills with the purpose of creating study HABITS.
6. Results: Together we achieve positive results that both the student and I the Tutor will be proud of!
7. Dynamic Performance Improvement!
8. Residual Benefits: Promoting and building self confidence, individual initiative, and a dynamically improved capacity for overall learning and retention.
9. Encouragement and Positive Reinforcement
10. Tutoring, Teaching, Mentoring; Academic Advocacy
11. Teaching Tenacity and Gumption; Never Give Up!

My name is James and am currently a senior student at CSU Global Campus working on my Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Social Sciences with a Specialization in Strategic Communication. I have most recently completed an Associate of Arts Degree from Front Range Community College during the 2011 academic year. While attending Front Range I made the Dean's List Honor Roll and received several letters of recommendation from my professors regarding my academic performance, participation, and contribution to class discussions.

I have always been pleased to help or be of assistance in any and all ways to help people who come to me with questions, or seeking guidance for direction in achieving goals they wish to accomplish. Whatever the issue or task they may be particularly challenged by, I try to listen to exactly what it is the individual needs. I think one of the first and most important aspects of teaching, tutoring, and helping people in general, is to be a good listener, really listen to what issue is posing the largest or most difficult challenge, and then together with the student, mutually work on addressing the issue. I have a unique proficiency for problem solving and guiding the path towards solutions for individual students according to their individual needs. While encouraging the cooperative efforts of students, we work together to build up, promote, and reinforce their level of self confidence through exercising their own abilities and discovering their own new found capabilities. Achieving successful results through their own participation and accomplishments provides the foundation for developing effective study skills, and the power of realizing self potential.

Besides genuine enjoyment and sense of fulfillment I obtain through helping others with their academic goals, I also enjoy sharing my habitual study techniques, which are not complex, but are extremely efficient and effective. My specialties are in overall performance improvement, study techniques for long term retention, especially for exams, and I have extensive experience with the special needs population. I have worked with both children and adults with varying degrees of needs.

I have worked with the developmentally disabled population for the last decade. Much of my experience has been in group home settings with clients grouped according to similarities in their individual needs but I also have extensive "one on one" experience with DD clients as well. Working for families as a counselor, companion, direct care, direct support, and all around "relief" type of employee, and working and or volunteering for companies like Mosaic, Martin Luther Homes, and Wings Center, all make up my official experience and career profession with the developmentally disabled population. I have experienced some of my most fulfilling experiences with this population and feel proud to have a special connection and a unique confidence that has been reinforced by an ability to influence immediate, positive results. Through leading individuals to find their own personal niches, we set the stage for the recognition of their own capacity for learning, and the resulting self confidence the student gains allows for a much more thorough development of academic skills. The variety of unique challenges presented through working with the developmentally disabled population have helped my personal development for the capacity to be an asset, and exceptionally intuitive in my abilities to help others.

Increasingly students realize that their own gumption, perseverance, and will to understand their own capacity for learning, has already given them an extra edge and put them on the fast track for success. These abilities were there all along but simply had not been properly directed, always existing as a valuable, untapped resource. Building on continuous, consistent and consecutive, positive affirmations, problem solving, and finding solutions, soon will become regular habits. Implementing or simply restoring the necessary "practice that makes perfect", reinforcing self confidence, the work ethic and personal commitment of the "Tutor & Student Team" will accelerate the learning process having far reaching, beneficial results for a successful future.

Please do not hesitate to request my assistance. It is truly my pleasure to help anyone succeed in attaining any and all academic or scholastic goals. Thank you for your consideration.

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James’s subjects

ACT Math, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Logic, Prealgebra, SAT Math, Trigonometry
ACT English, ACT Reading, Bible Studies, English, ESL/ESOL, Grammar, Literature, Proofreading, Public Speaking, Reading, SAT Reading, SAT Writing, Vocabulary, Writing
ACT Science, Anatomy, Anthropology, Archaeology, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, Geology, Nutrition, Philosophy, Physical Science, Psychology, Sociology
Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Photography
ESL/ESOL, Latin, Spanish, Speech
American History, Anthropology, Archaeology, Classics, Criminal Justice, Geography, Government & Politics, Religion, Social Studies, World History
General Music, Music Theory
Art History, Film, Photography
Elementary Education:
Elementary (K-6th), Elementary Math, Elementary Science, Grammar, Phonics, Reading, Study Skills, Vocabulary
Special Needs:
Phonics, Special Needs
Business, Career Development, Economics, Finance, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Public Speaking
Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Elementary (K-6th), English, ESL/ESOL, Geometry, Prealgebra, Reading, SAT Math, SAT Reading, Spanish, Study Skills, Writing
Test Preparation:
ACT English, ACT Math, ACT Reading, ACT Science, Career Development, College Counseling, GED, SAT Math, SAT Reading, SAT Writing
Corporate Training:
Business, Career Development, College Counseling, Criminal Justice, Economics, ESL/ESOL, Finance, Grammar, Latin, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Proofreading, Public Speaking, Spanish

Algebra 1

I had Pre-Algebra in 8th grade, Algebra 1 Freshman year Of High School, then Geometry, Algebra 2/College Algebra, Algebra 2/Trigonometry, and have since taken an interest in Economics (Macro, Micro, Economic Social Issues, etc.). Mathematics has always been a strong area for me that came naturally for the most part and allowed me to be an "A" Math student throughout my academic endeavors. I love teaching/helping with Mathematics on most any level and am a very personable, easy going tutor who likes to have a good time while we learn our theorems, formulas, and proofs!

American History

American History as a course encompasses the time frame from the voyages of Columbus to the New World, the Americas, the period following known as the Columbian Exchange, up to the recent past of the modern era of today.
I am well versed in the standard scholastic texts more sanitized version of American History as well as the often unheard, untold, or otherwise skipped over historical accounts that are not as widely taught.A great book that I often draw from and which is used in many advanced placement AP History/Literature cluster courses is Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States".


I have had 9 upper level university courses in Anthropology and enjoy studying Ethnology, religion, culture and Linguistics.

Anthropology is the study of culture, humankind throughout history all over the globe, and the comparisons and contrasts of cultures and civilizations. Anthropology is closely related to Sociology and the two broad subjects certainly complement one another. These are probably my two favorite subjects among my broad group of favorites, all Social Sciences. Anthropology is divided into four narrowed but still broad sub-categories:

1 Applied Anthropology
2 Medical Anthropology
3 Physical Anthropology
4 Molecular Anthropology

Bible Studies

I grew up going to Sunday school, and vacation bible school with weekly lessons and memorizing memory verses. I have studied world religions, the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther and his quarrels with the Medici family and the Catholic Church. I have studied much about the separation of church and state and the historical consequences of legislating a particular sects religious morality. I have 9 credit hours of upper level university religion courses and have experienced attending retreats, revivals, different denominations of churches, and have studied Philosophy of Religion and Theology independently in depth. I have also studied Native Amerindian religions.
Books I have read regarding religious study:
"Egyptian Light & Hebrew Fire" by Karl Luckart
"The Kingdom of God is Within You" by Leo Tolstoy

I have been engaged in Bible study for half of my life studying out of the New International Version, The Paraphrased Bible, The King James Version, The New King James Version; I have insight into The Book of Covenants, The Book of Mormon, The Watch Tower by the Jehovah's Witnesses, "Wee Wisdom" and the "Daily Word" from the Unitarian Church; I know very little about the KORAN but do have a copy.

Native American Religion books:
"Frank Fools Crow: Wisdom & Power co-written by a Lutheran minister Thomas E. Mails in which they compare and contrast the Christian Holy Trinity with the Holy Trinity of the Lakota Sioux Indian Tribe; "Black Elk Speaks" by John G. Neihardt
I have studied Buhddism and Buhdist Monks meditation

I have studied at length and in depth the justification of genocide of Native Amerindians in the name of Christianity and conversion, as well as the Protestant Work Ethic and how it fits and accommodates capitalism. Last but not least I have studied witch hunts, witch trials and burning women (and men) at the stake for non-conformity to Puritanism.

For experience in official Bible study, I have attended Vacation Bible School and Sunday School Bible Study from early elementary school age in the second grade up through high school, and also into my college years. From 1987- 1995 I hosted regular, Bible studies as a leader in my church youth group. Currently my Bible Study has been limited to what may apply accordingly within other subject areas. Though this may not sound as much a concentration on Bible Study specifically, I feel that this is one of the best if not the best contexts to discuss Bible Study within; a compare/contrast, historical, sociological, anthropological, as well as philosophical/theological, combination and integration of disciplines leads to a more complete critical thought for learning. It is much like a perspective that would suit "Thomas the Doubter" who was not condemned for his skeptical approach. For me this tossing about of ideas is what learning is all about.


For roughly the past 15 years I have hosted Chess tournaments at my home. I have taught many friends and others how to play Chess, too many for me to remember and keep track of. I can teach the absolute beginner the fundamentals of simply how to play and how the pieces move, and I am capable of giving instruction on beginning, middle, and end game strategy to intermediate players. As far as advanced players, the extent of my abilities would be to study the algebraic notation of games and critically examine pivotal and crucial points in a given game.

Chess is a great game and when you have a friend of equal or close to equal abilities it is easy to lose track of hours upon hours, engaging in game after game. I am beyond the level of a novice or beginner, somewhere in the average to intermediate range. I am familiar with all of the different pieces and their relative movements and means of attack. I play a fairly defensive game, at least up until a certain point that becoming aggressive is the end game strategy. here is a brief summary of my Chess playing knowledge and/or skills.

I play the game of Chess for the sheer enjoyment off it; there is nothing quite like a good, challenging game with a friend that has as good a chance of winning as you do. It is probably my all around most favorite indoor sort of board game. It truly is a great game and a great way to challenge oneself and exercise one's mind.


For the 2011 Academic Year I had two Economics courses Macro Economics, and Economics of Social Issues/Social Problems and also one Intro to Business course. I spent much time studying Economics within this past year and feel proficient in discussing relative subject matter to an intermediate/advanced level. I am well versed in the basic dual categories of Economic conservative thought and economic liberal thought. Subjects such as Socialism vs. Capitalism,, mixed Economies, comparative advantage, free market fundamentalism of the neo-liberal movement, the "invisible hand, Adam Smith & "The Wealth of Nations", laissez faire capitalism, pro/con argumentation of market intervention from both government and the private sector, I have read at length about the history of economic crisis in the United States and its role as an actual plan of the business cycle.
To put it mildly, I got very in depth with my Economic studies within this last year and feel very comfortable, and confident in ability to help, explain, and debate with most anyone.

Economists of particular merit and interest to me, my favorites are Nobel Economist & Professor at Columbia University NY, Joseph Stiglitz; Nobel Economist & Professor at Princeton University, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman (also author of my Macroeconomic textbook; Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, John Perkins author of "Confessions of an Economic Hitman".

I became extremely interested in Economics/Economic theory the "Dismal Science" and would whole heartedly embrace the opportunity to tutor an economic student. I have an endless supply of resources.


With so many budget cuts to our elementary education system teachers most teachers have become overloaded, schools short staffed, and specialty programs for reading and other subjects have become absent.

As a tutor I have equipped myself with a collection of teaching/tutoring resource files that I use based on the individual students' needs and abilities. I am of the strong conviction that all students have high capacity for high level learning capabilities. It is up to us as parents, teachers/tutors and mentors to implement the right tools and methods to tap into each students' learning reserves and spark their interests. More often than not, just a bit of extra attention in opportunity areas goes a long way in the students abilities and most importantly, in building the students confidence. This is an area that I feel particularly proficient and is a primary focus of mine for attaining the desired results which are to achieve long lasting, and far reaching benefits for the student!

As a "reading nerd" myself, I enjoy teaching reading and reading skills to students. Ultimately I would love to convey to each and every student what a joy reading can be; there is a potential adventure inside every book!


I have been certified in Bible study as a result of growing up in church as a young child up through adolescence and my early college years. I have 12 upper level college credits in Religion courses including Religions of the World, Religions of the West, Native American Religion, and Eastern Religions. I have independently studied Buhdism, Islam, and have a general interest in Theology. I also have had Philosophy of Religion, and Sociology of Religion courses. With all of these upper level college Religion courses, I basically qualify for an unofficial Minor in Religion and Religious Studies.
In years past I have hosted Bible Studies at my home, and as a church youth group leader in my younger years. Most recently I have lead class study groups at home, and at the public library with a focus on critical analysis, critical thought, and comparing and contrasting religions of the world, atheism, evangelism, religious fundamentalism, and the pros and cons of these religious movements as well as others.

Study Skills

Study Skills as a subject themselves, are at the top of the list among the most important subjects and may well be the most important subject and skill set. Just as any athletic sports program has a fundamental core,and a rudimentary skill set as a necessary, required foundation for the acquisition, building, and continuous improvement of advanced skills for the future, the academic world also has a virtually identical requirement in study skills. The importance of Study Skills cannot be overstated as they form the basis of, and the foundation for, the ability, the capacity, the efficiency, and the proficiency of overall learning over the course of a student's lifetime.

The unfortunate reality in the United States today is that our already skimmed and trimmed down public education system is continuously targeted for further budget cuts. The need for reform on the federal level to address abounding inequalities in educational quality, and opportunities that result in part from the majority of the burden of education funding is raised from the community's property taxes. The future of public education depends upon an educated public willing to democratically participate and demand a stop to the assault on our children's collective access to quality education and academic futures. With the continuous and increasing budget cuts from policy makers, one of the least emphasized and most overlooked educational focus areas is that of Study Skills. Now more than ever before it is crucial for our nation's youth to have the access to, and the opportunity to be equipped with the vastly important skill set that is encompassed in the arena of Study Skills.

As a tutor I have always embraced the opportunity to participate in aiding those who have requested my assistance in improving their personal study habits. I have had extensive experience tutoring, teaching, helping, colunseling, or whatever particular individuals have needed in terms of academic, scholastic preparation. Even since elementary school I have been called upon to help my peers and have done so while attending high school, college, and simply in my free time. Though I have been asked to help with a wide range of subject matter from previous peers, students, and friends, almost everytime the given area of necessary improvement or opportunity has been at least indirectly, if not directly related to a need to improve study habits or study skills in general. I currently tutor 3 people in the Study Skills area, all of which are undergoing an all encompassing, broad spectrum of study skills and improving their personal full scope of aptitude. I have 2 elementary age children that are 10 years and a 5 year old kindegartener, and the third is a young adult aged 22 attending Front Range Community College. All have done very well and have improved at a surprisingly rapid pace and it has been rewarding to have the opportunity to assist them in their personal study habits.
Providing direction and assessing individual needs for teaching and improving study skills is probably my favorite subject to teach/tutor because of the long term, far reaching results that are the inevitable product of a cooperative student/tutor relationship. Study Skills have always been a strong point and specialty of mine throughout my academic career both for my own benefit and the benefit of those that have requested my help.

Please do not hesitate to call upon me for help with accelerating the improvement of Study Skills as this is my favorite area!

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