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Why online?

online tutoring Nothing will ever replace in-person, private tutoring but the online tutoring experience is particularly useful in certain circumstances:

  • As a complement to in-person tutoring - Online tutoring is great for refresher lessons in between in-person tutoring appointments. It's also perfect for last minute situations when you have a big test and need help fast.
  • When home tutors are unavailable - Due to scheduling and geographic constraints, there are often situations where a student can't find a tutor for in-person lessons. Online tutoring solves this problem.
  • Real-time assistance - For students who need help right away, online tutoring is the way to go!
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The beta phase

Please note that WyzAnt's online tutoring platform and underlying infrastructure is in Beta. This means that it's very new and we're still working on making improvements. Fortunately, the platform is very powerful and more than sufficient for you to have a great virtual learning experience with your tutor. Improvements to the online platform rely heavily on your feedback, so don't hesitate to tell us know what you think.

Finding an online tutor

During the Beta phase, you won't be able to search for specific online tutors like you can for in-person tutors. Instead, you can request an online tutor and available tutors will email you. You'll then schedule a time for the lesson directly with whichever tutor you choose. At or before the scheduled time, the tutor will send an email inviting you to join the online tutoring room. Just follow the link in the email to join the room. You can also join and online room through the Online Tutoring panel on the right side of your student account. Please note that you must have a valid form of payment information on file with WyzAnt before you can join an online lesson.

Payments for online tutoring

Paying for online tutoring is the same as paying for in-person tutoring. The tutor will enter the lesson details after your online lesson has concluded and you will be billed accordingly. Tutors do not list a separate online tutoring rate on their profile but, as always, tutors have the ability to change their rate.

Preparing for your online tutoring lesson

In order to get the most out of your online tutoring lesson, you should familiarize yourself with WyzAnt's online tutoring platform in advance. The platform consists of three major tools:

  • Audio, video, and text chat
  • Virtual whiteboard
  • Desktop sharing

You can read more about each of these tools in the other sections of this tutorial. We also suggest you watch our instructional video. Learn more about online tutoring

And finally, you can also launch a test room to play around with the platform and familiarize yourself with the features.

You should also have your study materials ready. We recommend you scan or take a picture of your assignments, homework, worksheets or other materials so that you can upload them to the online tutoring room. You can also email them to your tutor in advance so the tutor can upload them to the room.